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Wooden candle cup set of 6

Wooden candle cup set of 6

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Wooden candle cup set of 6. The candle cup is 1 5/8" tall and has a hole that is about 7/8" wide. The large acorn fits inside to make a memory matching game (see last photo).

Please be aware that the acorn poses a choking hazard, so do not give them to small children to play with unattended.

To make a memory matching game, paint the "body" of the acorn, leaving the caps all plain or paint them brown if desired. The acorns should be painted in sets of 2 (two yellow, two red, two blue, etc). Drop the acorn into the candle cups. Each player picks 2 acorns trying to remember where the color matches are. The player with the most pairs at the end of the game wins.

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