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1950s style television dollhouse furniture choose style

1950s style television dollhouse furniture choose style

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Dollhouse furniture 1950s style television. The walnut colored tv has red accents and 4 gold knobs. It stands 2 3/4" tall, about 3" wide and about 2 1/8" deep. The front opens to reveal a secret compartment! The mahogany has the same secret compartment, but does not have red accents. The screen is clear, so you could put a picture of your favorite tv show inside.

Choose from Walnut or Mahogany colors. Mahogany is the redder finish. The walnut TV has an opaque screen and the mahogany TV has a clear screen.

Note: If you move the walnut television around in the light, there are a series of hairline lines behind the tv screen. It isn't cracked, but must be something to do with the manufacturing process or the materials used. The lines are not visible when just looking at the tv. The TVs also have spots on the screen that don't seem to clean off. Again must be part of the production process.

The tv has no electric source. It is not a working appliance.

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